Never has the management and protection of personal data been as vital as it is today. Regulations regarding how you use, manage and protect data are placing many organisations at risk. It is now essential to have a strong and effective data management approach to Data Privacy.

The Data Privacy Review will examine your current procedures, systems and capabilities to assess where there are risks and provide pragmatic recommendations for how to improve.

Focus Areas

  • Privacy Act, GDPR, CPRA
  • Data classification process
  • Data Governance
  • Data retention policies
  • Data lineage
  • Privacy Impact Statements
  • Data governance council
  • Security and access controls
  • Team skills and knowledge

Stakeholder Workshops – Covering the fundamentals of data privacy and the requirements under the regulatory framework in Australia.

One-on-One Interviews – Capture the current workflows, procedures and understanding of privacy requirements and how they are managed within your organisation.

Privacy Statements – review of data use statements on your website, communications materials and other data capture points.

Partner Compliance – review data partnership agreements and their compliance with the regulation.

Data Architecture – systems mapping for where data is stored and used across your organisation

Personal Data Flows– data use map showing how and where personal and sensitive data flows through your organisation

Elements of the Review