Why Data Design Consulting 

I started Data Design Consulting (DDC) to help organisations meet the ever-evolving challenges of ensuring safeguarding personal information is paramount. With the surge in high-profile data breaches and imminent amendments to the Privacy Act, organizations, especially mid to small-sized ones, are grappling with the pressing need to enhance their data handling practices.  

DDC was conceived to address this critical market demand. The complexities of adhering to the Australian Privacy Principles and other regulatory mandates can often leave businesses feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped. Many lack the expertise to discern potential risks of breaching these principles and lack guidance on how to craft robust compliance measures.  

DDC steps in as a partner in data privacy management, offering its expertise to help organisations navigate the intricacies of privacy regulations and to design systems and processes that ensure unwavering compliance. 

My Experience 

With a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years, I bring a deep well of expertise and insight to the realm of data privacy strategy consulting, positioning me as an invaluable partner to organisations seeking guidance in this crucial domain. Throughout my career, I have consistently guided clients in harnessing and managing personal information while remaining steadfast in ensuring regulatory compliance across all endeavours. My professional journey encompasses diverse roles, such as advising clients across a spectrum of industries, including Financial, Retail, Utilities, and Profit for Purpose organizations, on the judicious use of data for marketing, business intelligence, and analytics. 

I have also spearheaded the development of groundbreaking products and solutions that leverage personal information, exemplified by my work in creating a data matching platform designed to enhance customer targeting on platforms like Facebook and Yahoo!. Moreover, my tenure as the Managing Director for skills development at the Association of Data Driven Marketing (ADMA) for five years saw me crafting privacy-focused courses and a comprehensive skills assessment framework for data-driven marketing, further solidifying my expertise in the field. 

I have also extended my knowledge and insights by serving as a developer and facilitator of courses for the Fundraising Institute Australia (FAI), where I have shared expertise in courses such as “Protecting Donor Privacy” and “Building Data Frameworks for Fundraising Success.”  

My commitment to knowledge dissemination extends to my role as a frequent presenter at industry conferences and panels, where I have discussed a range of pertinent topics, including data privacy and compliance, data-driven marketing, data management, data governance, and artificial intelligence. 

Skills & Capabilities 

Over the course of my career, I have developed a deep understanding of privacy compliance and possess the mix of skills required to build effective personal data management frameworks. This includes. 

  • Understanding the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles and other regulations governing the use of personal information.  
  • Conducting in-depth reviews of data privacy policies and procedures to identify risks of breaches of the regulations.  
  • Designing and managing programs of work to improve how personal information is collected, stored, and used by an organisation. 
  • Appreciation for the commercial pressures facing the leadership team to ensure proposed strategies are in line with business objectives, budget, technologies, and capabilities.  
  • Creating and managing Data Governance Councils to oversee how personal information is managed and processes enforced within an organisation. 
  • Setting up critical processes for overseeing the use of personal information such as Privacy Impact Assessments, Individual requests regarding access & correction of personal information, the right-to-be-forgotten and data retention, deletion & de-identification. 
  • Developing and delivering content to train staff on the regulations and requirements placed on an organisation and the processes to be followed within an organisation.  


Over 25 years of experience advising clients on the effective use of data including for leading Financial, Retail, Utilities and Profit for Purpose organisation.

5 years with the Association of Data-Driven Marketing (ADMA) as an M.D for skills development

Served on the leadership team for data management and services companies – Veda, Acxiom and Certus Solutions

Facilitator for the course “Building Data Frameworks” for the Institute of Australia (FAI) Fundraising

Highly skilled at working with Business, Technology and Data Teams to build effective solutions.

What People Say

I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of organisations over the years, helping improve the use and management of data.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard twice, at both ADMA and currently at Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA). His knowledge of data management, data governance and privacy were demonstrated daily in his work at ADMA where he coached and helped members and other stakeholders, and now demonstrated in the course he teaches for FIA. His ability to bridge the gap between data teams and business leaders makes him of value for any organisation”

Katherine raskob, CEO, Fundraising Institute Australia

“Richard partnered with me to deliver a data maturity & governance review that was a game-changer for our organisation. He was able to quickly grasp our business strategy and deliver recommendations within time and budget, ensuring that all members of the organisation could digest the findings. Richard is a clear communicator and has strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He is articulate and would be a high partner”