Our Privacy Review Essentials and is designed to help you understand the regulations that govern the management of personal and sensitive information, where you may risk and some pragmatic approaches to helping improve how you manage personal information.

Using elements from our in-dept Data Privacy Review & Assessment service, we focus on the essentials that help you safeguard your data and navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a more secure and compliant data management approach. Your data is your asset—protect it with confidence.


The Privacy Review Essentials designed help you understand where you may have risk and the approaches you can take to improving how you manage and protect personal data to better comply with data regulations and avoid a data breach.

Service Methodology

The Privacy Review Essentials service is a rapid approach to getting up to date on the regulations and where you may have risk by comparing your current approach to the key requirements under the Australian Privacy Act.

  1. Stakeholder Workshop: A one-day workshop covering the regulations that govern the use and management of personal information with key stakeholders and create a data-flow diagram showing where information is captured, stored and utilised to highlight the likely areas you have the most risk.
  2. Face-to-Face Interviews: We will talk one-on-one to determine your current data management practices, understanding of requirements and highlight where data management could be improved.
  3. Documentation and Material Review: We will review your data privacy policy and team training materials to compare them to your actual processes to highlight the differences and any opportunities to improve your data management to better comply with the Privacy Act and reduce your risk.

Review Deliverables

The Privacy Review Essentials service will give you the information you need to plan for the changes you require to improve your management of personal information.

  1. Personal Data Flow Map: A diagram detailing where and how information is captured, stored and used within your organisation with associated risk factors and requirements under the Privacy Act.
  2. Data Privacy Policy Review: A report detailing any gaps in your Privacy Policy that creates risk of non-compliance with the Privacy Act and where your actual data handling practices differ from your stated policy.
  3. Privacy Practices Checklist: A list of recommended actions, procedures and policies that form a “best practice” approach to personal data management.

Focus of the Review

The Privacy Review Essentials focuses on the fundamental components of your personal data management policies and practices. This approach allows us to quickly determine where you may have significant risk of non-compliance or a data breach.

The Privacy Act: The Privacy Act the Australian law that regulates the handling of personal information by organisations. It focuses on principles of data privacy, consent, transparency, and security, ensuring individuals have control over their personal data. The review compares your current approach to the privacy act and associated guidelines to determine where there is risk.  

Team Skills and Knowledge: Team skills and knowledge refer to the collective competencies of the individuals responsible for data management and privacy compliance. We assess current materials to ensure the team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to implement effective data protection strategies and ensure adherence to privacy regulations.

Privacy Policy – statement that outlines how you collect, use, store, and protect the personal information of individuals. Privacy policies are essential for transparency, compliance with data protection regulations, and establishing trust with users by informing them about how their personal information is handled. We will review your policies and identify any significant gaps in compliance with requirements under the Privacy Act.

Data Collection: Data Collection Statements are disclosures provided to individuals when their personal data is collected. We will review your statements to ensure they state the purpose of data collection, how their data will be used, and their rights regarding their personal information. They are a fundamental element of transparency and consent under privacy regulations.

Typical Review Process

The Privacy Review Essentials service will typically require 5 days typically delivered over a 1 to 2 -week timeframe. Below is an example of the activities over this period.

Getting Started

Get in touch to organise a pre-review meeting. We will answer your questions, agree timeframes & process, and discuss any specific requirements you may have. We will submit a formal proposal with project plan for our review and acceptance to proceed with the review.

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