Never has the management and protection of personal data been as vital as it is today. Regulations regarding how you use, manage and protect data are placing many organisations at risk. It is now essential to have a strong and effective data governance approach to Data Privacy.

The Privacy Essentials workshop helps you understand where and how you should be improving your collection, management and use of personal information.


Coming to terms with the regulations that govern the collection, management and use of personal information can be daunting. Determining where and how you should be focusing your time on improving your data management processes is an important but challenging task. This one-day workshop is an ideal first step to help you make the decisions you need to start on your data management improvement journey.

Workshop Content

A one-day workshop with key stakeholders in which we discuss the regulations that govern the collection, management and use of personal information and explore current data management processes to determine where there may be current risks. The workshop is an ideal first step in determining how to better protect personal information and meet regulatory requirements.

The workshop is a one-day in person session.

  • Session 1 – Regulatory Framework: We will cover the requirements for how data is captured, stored, and used under the current regulations and the elements that form a “best practice” approach to managing personal information.
  • Session 2 – Personal Data Mapping: As a group we will map out.
    • Where and how personal information is captured
    • Where and how it is stored within your organisation.
    • Who can access the information and for what purpose.
  • Session 3 – Risk Assessment: We will bring the two sessions together by identifying where you may have risk of non-compliance with regulation and the assign a severity score to prioritise where focus should be given for a deeper review.

What you get

At the end of the day you will have documented the flow of personal information through your organisation and where there may be risk of non-compliance with current regulation. This document is ideal for facilitating discussions on next steps to improve how you manage personal information.

Topics Covered

Focus of the Review The Privacy Essentials Workshop focuses on the fundamental components of your personal data management policies and practices. This approach allows us to quickly determine where you may have significant risk of non-compliance or a data breach.

The Privacy Act: The Privacy Act the Australian law that regulates the handling of personal information by organisations. It focuses on principles of data privacy, consent, transparency, and security, ensuring individuals have control over their personal data. The workshop will cover the key requirements you must comply with under the Act.

Data Management – The workshop will review where you currently store data, who has access and the steps in place to protect personal information. We will identify where and how you may have risk of non-compliance and the severity of that risk.

Data Collection: Data Collection Statements are disclosures provided to individuals when their personal data is collected. We will discuss your statements to ensure they state the purpose of data collection, how their data will be used, and their rights regarding their personal information. They are a fundamental element of transparency and consent under privacy regulations.

Data Access and Use: We will examine how the personal information you manage is used and who has access to it. We will discuss the current processes in place to ensure you comply with regulation and the levels of understanding of these processes across your organisation

Who should attend?

Created and delivered by a data privacy professional with over 20 years’ experience, this course is ideal for anyone requiring a grounding in the fundamentals of data privacy and how to comply with the updated regulations. Particularly those looking for strategies that fit with constrained budgets, technology, and internal capabilities. 

We recommend this course for: 

  • Data managers in organisations where personal information is stored and used.
  • Data architects who are designing data solutions involving the use of personal information.
  • Senior managers responsible for compliance and risk.
  • Executives seeking to understand where and how there may be risks to their organization.