Improving your privacy compliance requires decisions to be made. For those who don’t live and breathe data and compliance, the decisions that they are asked to make may be daunting. This one-day workshop is specifically designed to help board and executive leadership teams to gain a baseline understand of how personal data is used, the principles of data privacy and where privacy procedures and policies need to be applied within the organisation.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for board or c-level executives who have need to make informed decisions regarding privacy but who lack a level of knowledge required to feel comfortable making those decisions. Many of these leaders are not data natives and feel unable to confidently navigate this complex landscape and marry technology, policy and culture when it comes to data collection, storage and use.

Course Objectives

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a baseline understanding of

  • How data is collected.
  • What data is collected.
  • Where it is stored.
  • How it is used.
  • Key requirements regarding privacy compliance.
  • Immediate steps they should be considering.

Workshop Overview

The workshop is an interactive face-to-face workshop for a single organisation. While it may be delivered on-site, to minimize distraction, we would recommend an external location.

The day will be broken down into these sessions.

  • Session 1: Context (Presentation) – The role of data in today’s world and why privacy is so important.
  • Session 2: Typical data architecture (Presentation) – Review diagrammatically how data flows through an organisation. Collection points, Sources, Storage and use. 
  • Session 3: The Data Flow (interactive) – A whiteboard session where participants help map how data is collected, stored and used within their organisation.
  • Session 4: Regulations (presentation) – We summarise the regulations that cover privacy and the key principles involved. Keep it entertaining and conversational to avoid being too dry.
  • Session 5: Risk mapping – Using the data flow in session 3 we now overlay where participants can see where the principles of privacy regulation apply and discuss their level of confidence that they comply.
  • Session 6: Getting Started – Discussion of possible action items to take after the workshop.

What you get

Participants of course will receive.

  • A digital version of the data flow and risk map. We will need to convert an image into a diagram so perhaps there is a way we do this via screen share in the workshop – i.e., Visio?
  • Summary of the workshop discussions with action points.
  • PDF copies of the slides presented.

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