In today’s digital landscape, personal data is the lifeblood of marketing teams, fuelling targeted campaigns and personalized experiences that resonate with customers. However, failing to comply with data protection regulations can have severe consequences, including hefty fines and reputational damage. That’s why understanding your data flow is crucial. A data flow mapping workshop helps you visualize how personal data moves through your organization, identifying risks and ensuring compliance.

Our Data Flow Mapping workshop is designed to help marketers develop an understanding of the key principles of data privacy, the ability to identify where they apply to their campaigns and processes and the ways in which they can help ensure your organisation complies with regulation and reduces risk. It’s a proactive approach that not only safeguards your customers’ data but also strengthens your marketing strategy, ensuring that every interaction is not just meaningful but also lawful.


The Data Flow Mapping (DFM) workshop is an interactive session for marketers.  We begin an overview of the privacy landscape and upcoming challenges. Participants will then delve into

  • the definition and handling of personal and sensitive information,
  • understanding the key principles of data privacy driving regulatory compliance. A
  • working together to map out the data flow for key processes, pinpointing where personal information is collected, stored, and utilized.

Using this map, we will conduct a risk assessment to identify potential regulatory breaches. We will examine current data management practices, highlighting any existing gaps and brainstorm risk mitigation strategies.

Workshop Objectives

The goal of the workshop is to enable your marketing team to better support privacy management and compliance. By the end the day, your team will.

  1. Understand the key principles of data privacy and the ethical use of data.
  2. Appreciate the importance of data privacy and the potential risks to your organisation from non-compliance.
  3. Will be familiar with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles and how they apply to marketing campaigns and processes.
  4. Be able to define personal and sensitive data and how it is used within your marketing processes.
  5. Have the ability to map out marketing process workflows, where privacy principles apply and risks that should be considered.
  6. Have an action plan to help improve compliance with regulations and reduce risk.

This is a highly interactive session designed to promote a privacy-by-design approach to your marketing activities.

Workshop Agenda

The Data Flow Mapping workshop is designed to run over 5 hours.

The workshop is in person, held at your office. We are able to facilitate offsite locations upon request.


The cost for the Data Flow Mapping workshop is $10,000 (plus 10% GST).

This includes.

  • The one-day interactive workshop for up to 12 team members
  • A written report summarising the session.
  • Diagrams showing the processes reviewed, the flow of personal data and the areas of risk.
  • Action items for each process discussed to improve compliance.
  • Recommendations for future activities